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Kyoto is a pleasure all seasons and all weathers.
Kyoto has a temperate northern hemisphere climate with clearly defined seasons and predictable weather patterns. April heralds a warm spring full of excitement for celebrating much cherished cherry blossoms.
Innumerable green hues in temple areas offer respite from summer heat. Autumn brings bright reds and yellows that harmonize with the historic monuments from October to December.
The silence brought by an occasional dusting of snow is said to be the best way to appreciate Kyoto during winter.

Season Average Precipitation Temperature
High Low
Apr, May, Jun
18 cm / 7.3 inc 24C / 75F 13C / 56F
Jul, Aug, Sep
19 cm / 7.6 inc 31C / 88F 22C / 72F
Oct, Nov, Dec
7 cm / 2.9 inc 17C / 62F 7C / 45F
Jan, Feb, Mar
8 cm / 3inc 10C / 50F 1C / 34F