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Sample Plans

In this section we would like to introduce some sample plans for meetings, incentive tours and conventions in Kyoto.

*These are only examples. Plans that can accommodate larger-scale events are possible. Costs and availability vary seasonally.

Sample Plan ①:Convention

Purpose After-convention plan for participants of an international meeting
Schedule 1 half-day
Number of participants 100
Key points Time is limited, so locations that let participants strongly feel Kyoto's traditions and culture are selected in preference to cultural experience programs.

Sample Plan ②:Convention

Purpose Excursion for spouses of international meeting participants
Schedule 1 day
Number of participants 100
Key points Incorporate locations and cultural experience programs that let participants get a feeling of the real Kyoto.

Sample Plan ③:Meeting

Purpose VIP meeting and reception
Schedule 1 night, 2 days
Number of participants 20
Key points A special venue and reception that could only be realized in Kyoto.

Sample Plan ④:Incentive tour

Purpose Awarding people with good business performance records in the company
Schedule 2 nights, 3 days
Number of participants 100
Key points Create an overarching theme. Incorporate exciting elements into the program.

These are only examples. We can introduce companies that can help come up with plans to meet your needs, so please inquire freely.