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Subsidy for Attracting Large-Scale International Conventions

Application Expires: Before the destination is decided.

* Due to an especially large number of applicants, some applications may not be able to be accepted even if all requirements are fulfilled.

  • Meeting length is 3 days or more
  • Number of participants is 500 or more
  • Number of participating countries is 3 or more (including Japan)
  • Number of non-Japanese participants is 100 or more
  • Meeting purpose is not make a profit

Meetings that meet the above and other conditions and for which the convening location has not yet been decided may be eligible for a subsidy of up to 1,000,000 yen to support activities to attract the meeting to Kyoto (advertising costs, etc.).

A prior consultation is necessary in order to make use of this subsidy.
Please contact us using the below inquiry form.