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Subsidy for Holding Business Events(Support tailored to the type and scale of a Business event)

Large-Scale International Conventions Subsidy

  • Eligible meetings : International conventions/congresses
  • Applicable costs : For costs associated with holding large-scale international conventions
  • Maximum subsidy award : JPY 10,000,000
  • Required meeting duration : 3 days or more
  • Required number of participants : 500 or more
  • Non-Japanese participants : At least 100 non-Japanese participants from 3 or more countries
  • Application period : Please inquire before the host city is decided.

Small and Medium-sized MICE Events Subsidy

  • Eligible meetings : Corporate meetings, incentive tours, domestic & international conferences/congresses
  • Applicable costs : For costs associated with holding small- and medium-sized meetings
  • Maximum subsidy award : Small-sized events : JPY 200,000, Medium-sized events : JPY 500,000 (Actual subsidy amount will be determined based on meeting size, length, and other criteria.)
  • Required duration : 2 or more days
  • Required number of participants : Small sized : 50-199 participants
  • Medium sized : 200 or more participants for corporate meetings and incentive tours 200-499 participants for domestic & international conferences/congresses
  • Non-Japanese participants : Not required
  • Application Period : Fiscal year the event will be held in, at least 1 month in advance.

Kyoto Prefecture MICE Subsidy

Special subsidies are available for corporate meetings, incentive tours, conventions, break-out sessions, and excursions that are held outside of Kyoto City limits but within Kyoto Prefecture. Please inquire for details.

City of Kyoto Visitors Host (Kyoto’s Local Interpreter Guides) Subsidy

  • Eligible Meetings: International conventions/congresses
  • Applicable Costs: Costs for using City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts
  • Places it can be used: Excursions, spouse programs, tours, during and after the meeting. Private tours for invited guests and their families.
  • Meeting Requirements: Meeting must be 2 days or more held within Kyoto prefecture, with at least 50 participants, from 3 or more countries. Excursion must be within Kyoto City limits.
  • Maximum subsidy awards: 50 – 200 participants: JPY 30,000 max, 201 – 500 participants: JPY 50,000 max, 501 or more participants: JPY 100,000 max
  • Non-Japanese participants: Required
  • Application Period: Fiscal year the event will be held in, at least one month in advance.
  • For information on City of Kyoto Visitors Host:

A prior consultation is necessary in order to make use of this subsidy.
Please contact us using the below inquiry form.