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Yearly Events in Kyoto

Many traditional and cultural events are held year-round in Kyoto.
Below is a list of some representative events. Please check the “Kyoto Official Travel Guide” for more details.

JAN. Fudehajime Festival (1/2)
FEB. Setsubun Festival (2/3)
Kyoto Marathon (Third Sunday)
MAR. Hozugawa River Boat Ride (Early Mar.)
Sagano Scenic Railway operation start (Start-12/29)
Higashiyama Hanatouro (Mid Mar.)
Kitano Festival (3/25- 4/7)
APR. Imperial Palace Open To The Public
Miyako Odori (4/1-4/30)
Kyo Odori (Early Apr.)
MAY Yuka River Balconies (May-Late Sep.)
Kamogawa Odori (5/1-5/24)
Aoi Festival (5/15)
Mifune Boat Festival (Mid May)
JUN. Kyoto Takigi-Noh (Early Jun.)
Cormorant Fishing (Ukai) at Uji River (May-Late Sep.)
JUL. Cormorant Fishing (Ukai) at Arashiyama (Early Jul.-Mid Sep.)
Gion Festival
AUG. Toki Matsuri (Early Aug.)
Kyo no Tanabata (Early Aug.)
Gozan-No-Okuribi (8/16)
SEP. Kangetsu-No- Yuube (Early Sep.)
OCT. Jidai Matsuri Festival of the Ages (10/22)
NOV. Gion Odori (11/1-11/10)
Imperial Palace Open To The Public
DEC. Daikon-Daki (Early Dec.)
Arashiyama Hanatouro (Mid Dec.)