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Kyoto Culture for Meetings & Events Subsidy

We have announcement that the applications for Kyoto City's financial support for 2024 is now opened.

  • If you would like to use our subsidy, please send an inquiry from "Click here for inquiries" below, specifying the system you wish to use and the outline of the MICE event. Our member will send you application forms one by one.
  • Since this year, we have established subsidies and subsidy exclusion dates as shown in the attached sheet. Click here for the calendar of subsidy/subsidy exclusion days Applications will be accepted from April 19th (Friday) for the first half of the year (April to September) / September 2nd (Monday) for the second half of the year (October to March 2024). (In principle, screening will be done on a first-come, first-served basis)

Applications must be submitted 1 month before the date of the event.

  1. Eligible meetings: Corporate meetings, incentive tours, domestic & international conferences/congresses, and alumni meetings
  2. Applicable costs: Costs for introducing Kyoto culture into meetings and events (Type A and Type B: see below for more details)
  3. Maximum subsidy award: 500,000 JPY (in some cases, 750,000 JPY - see below for more details)
  4. Required duration: 1 day or more
  5. Required number of participants:
  6. For meetings, incentive tours, conventions: 30 or more
  7. For alumni meetings: 100 or more (50% or more of participants must live outside Kyoto City)
  8. Application period: Fiscal year the event will be held in, at least one month in advance

Please inquire for more details.

Subsidy can be used to cover one or both types of programs.

A: Kyoto Cultural Programs

A: Kyoto Cultural Programs

Subsidizes up to 100% of the cost of including cultural programs such as Japanese dancing, drumming, tea ceremonies, kimono wearing, and sake barrel opening ceremonies as part of a reception, opening ceremony, etc., with a maximum of 500,000 JPY

B: Kyoto Traditional Industries Programs

B: Kyoto Traditional Industries Programs

*Image provided by “Miyabi”

Subsidizes up to 100% of costs for purchasing traditional Kyoto handicraft gifts for delegates, workshop tours, handicraft-related hands-on experiences, or arranging for Kyoto Miss Kimono to attend events, with a maximum of 500,000 JPY. However, for a purchase of more than 1,000,000 JPY of traditional handicrafts, up to 750,000 JPY will be subsidized. (Gifts must be purchased from a designated shop)

※Type A and Type B can be combined, but the maximum combined total is 500,000 JPY.

Please inquire using the form below for more information about the application process. *This subsidy is funded by Kyoto City and is therefore subject to budget limitations. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Please be aware that in the case that a large number of applications are received, not all applications will be able to be accepted. We appreciate your understanding.