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4 Reasons Kyoto is a Superior City for Meetings & Events

Why is Kyoto perfect for meetings? Here are four reasons :

Reason①:Kyoto: A Harmony of Tradition and Innovation

With over 1200 years of history, Kyoto boasts wonderful historic scenery along with traditional architecture and beautiful nature. At the same time, Kyoto is a city of learning and creation with cutting edge universities, research institutions and companies. This harmony of preserving tradition while continually innovating is a uniquely attractive feature of Kyoto.

About Kyoto's logo for the meetings industry:


Our logo represents Kyoto as the place where “bountiful culture backed by history and tradition” and “future economic and industrial leaps forward” meet. Our wish, “May Kyoto, where tradition and innovation meet, be a place for people togather in order to consider the prosperity and peace of the world 1000 years in the future“ is part of the spirit of this logo.
*This logo can be used in PR to bring meetings and events to Kyoto. Please contact us for details.

Reason②:Kyoto: The Cultural Capital of Japan and the No. 1 Tourism City in the World


Kyoto has 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites and over 2,000 temples and shrines.
Additionally, Kyoto received the honor of being rated as “The World's Best City” in the “WORLD'S BEST AWARDS 2014” & “WORLD'S BEST AWARDS 2015” reader's poll of “Travel+Leisure,” one of the world's most influential travel magazines. Readers gave such reasons as “Kyoto is the most wonderful place on Earth for cultural and beauty” and “the experience is magical.”

Reason③:Kyoto: Global MICE Strategic City


Kyoto was selected by the Japanese government in 2013 to be a “Global MICE Strategic City”. The purpose of this program is to improve and grow the meetings industry capability of key leading cities in Japan. Kyoto has various support systems and meetings industry knowhow that are among the best in the world.
In addition, the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau is a member of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), the top international organization for promotion of the meetings industry. KCVB staff have acquired important knowledge through working with ICCA and are here to provide all forms of necessarily support for meetings, taking advantage of our various support systems.

Reason④:Kyoto: City of "Omotenashi" (Hospitality)

The history of harmony that has been built up in Kyoto over the centuries has created a culture of hospitality that can be experienced not only at meeting facilities and accommodations but also everywhere through the city. Kyoto City and the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau have planned 191 projects to be undertaken in the time leading up to 2020 and further enhancing the hospitality of the citizens is one goal.

Multilingual Support

Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City run a 24-hour multilingual call center to provide language support for accommodations and the city transportation bureau (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese).

Muslim Support

Kyoto has restaurants and hotels that Muslim guests can fully enjoy. Furthermore, the below website provides all of the information Muslims guests to Kyoto could need.

Tax-free Shops

Kyoto City has 334 tax-free shops as of Oct. 2014. To remove language-related difficulties, KCVB provides a point-and-talk language tool and a multilingual call center service.

Withdrawing Cash

Seven Bank ATMs let you withdraw cash using foreign cards, and the ATMs can be used in English, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese. The following cards can be used to withdraw cash at Seven Bank ATMS: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, China UnionPay, Maestro, Cirrus, and Plus.

Access From Around the World

Kyoto can be reached in about 75 minutes from Kansai International Airport (KIX) or 1 hour from Itami International Airport (ITM), making getting to Kyoto from overseas a stress-free proposition.

Flight Information

Flight Information

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Access From Around the World

Access From Around the World

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Furthermore, Japan's famous Shinkansen bullet trains service Kyoto Station, located in the heart of Kyoto, making Kyoto easy to get to from other parts of Japan.

JR SHINKANSEN (Bullet Train)

JR SHINKANSEN (Bullet Train)

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Public Transportation

Kyoto Buses and the Kyoto City Subway have English language support.
ompanies such as Yasaka Taxi and MK Taxi can provide limousines and English-speaking drivers.
Useful information about using Kyoto's 18 buses and railways as well as sightseeing information can be accessed using the “Arukumachi KYOTO Route Planner,” accessible by computer or as a smartphone app in both Japanese and English.