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Convention Pass

Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau can provide a “Kyoto Convention Pass” for convention participants that is very useful and cost-effective for travel between the event venue, hotels, and sightseeing destinations.
For more information, please inquire to KCVB.
It is possible to change the front design of the pass for an additional charge.

Standard design

Standard design

1 example of a custom design

1 example of a custom design
Eligible Meetings Meetings that have received permission to use Kyoto City facilities and have been recognized by the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Conditions Sold in units of 10, with a minimum order number of 100 passes.
Lump-sum payment by convention organizers (however there is a cash-back system).
Type of Pass Cost Per Day
Subway only Per day through day 5 550 yen
6th day onward per day 450 yen
City Bus & Subway Per day through day 5 700 yen
6th day onward per day 600 yen

It is also possible to buy generally available 1 and 2 day passes at vending machines in subway stations and the city bus sales office.