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Kyoto’s UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites

Kyoto has 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites - this high concentration of world heritage sites is a unique feature of Kyoto. There are also special viewings and events in which the sites are illuminated at night.
A select number of sites can be used as unique venues for meetings and events.

  • ・Shimogamo-jinja Shrine
  • ・Kamigamo-jinja Shrine
  • ・To-ji Temple
  • ・Kiyomizu-dera Temple
  • ・Mt. Hiei-zan Enryaku-ji Temple
  • ・Daigo-ji Temple
  • ・Ninna-ji Temple
  • ・Byodo-in Temple
  • ・Ujigami-jinja Shrine
  • ・Kozan-ji Temple
  • ・Saiho-ji Temple (Koke-dera Temple)
  • ・Tenryu-ji Temple
  • ・Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion)
  • ・Ginkaku-ji Temple (The Silver Pavilion)
  • ・Ryoan-ji Temple
  • ・Nishi-Hongwan-ji Temple
  • ・Nijo-jo Castle

Please see the Kyoto Official Travel Guide for more details about each site.