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Frequently Asked Questions

About Kyoto in general

Here are some questions frequently asked about Kyoto and their answers.

QCan meeting participants get by without speaking Japanese?

Yes. Kyoto has made great efforts towards improving the city’s multilingual capacity.
For example, Kyoto has hospitals that can accommodate speakers of English, Korean and Chinese. There is also a multilingual interpreting call center service available for use at hotels and ryokans(Japanese inns) (service may not be available for use at all facilities).

QIs Kyoto inconvenient to reach from overseas?

No. It takes approximately 10 hours to reach Kansai International Airport from North America, Australia and Europe. Furthermore, it only takes about 75 minutes to reach Kyoto Station from Kansai International Airport using the “Haruka” express train.
For more details, please check “Access”. When passing through Tokyo, Kyoto can be reached by Shinkansen bullet train in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

About Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau Support

Here are some questions we frequently receive about KCVB support and their answers.

QWe are considering Kyoto as a location for an international meeting.

Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau will support you.
Inquiring is free.

QI would like tourist information for Kyoto.

For general tourist information for Kyoto, please check the “Kyoto Official Travel Guide.”
Meeting and incentive tour organizers can inquire about tourist information through the Inquiry Form.

QI would like to give the event participants a uniquely-Kyoto experience.

You can! We can suggest special Kyoto Unique Venues perfect for receptions, and introduce providers of Experience and Inspection Programs.

QCan you cater to the needs of VIPs visiting from overseas?

Yes. Companies such as Yasaka Taxi and MK Taxi can provide limousines and English-speaking drivers.
We can also introduce certified interpreter/guides. Please inquire to KCVB freely.

QI would like to distribute maps to meeting participants.

Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau provides tourist maps (Japanese & English) for participants of meetings, incentive tours and conventions.
Please inquire to KCVB freely.

QIs there a cost associated with the Kyoto Sightseeing Maps and Kyoto Tourism Guidebooks?

No. We offer them free of charge, but there is a limit to how many we can provide. Please inquire for details.

QAre there any tickets that allow one to use buses and trains as much as one wants for 1 day?

Yes. Please use the “Kyoto Sightseeing One and Two-Day Passes,” targeted at tourists, or the “Kyoto Convention Pass,” intended for use by participants of conventions.

QI would like to put photos of Kyoto on an association website, fliers, posters, etc.

You can use our Kyoto Image Bank, which we provide you the image photos of Kyoto free of charge.
The Kyoto Image Bank is intended for use by meeting organizers and travel companies, PCOs, etc. that have been hired by meeting organizers (photos cannot be used for profit). Please inquire for details.

QI would like to promote Kyoto as a destination for meetings. Are there are images that I could use for this promotion?

Yes. Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau lends out promotional images.
Please inquire for details.

About attracting meetings to Kyoto and convening meetings in Kyoto

Here are some questions frequently asked about attracting meetings to Kyoto and convening meetings in Kyoto, as well as the answers to those questions.

QWhat sort of meetings have been held in Kyoto to date?

The third session of the Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC (COP3) where the Kyoto Protocol
was adopted is a famous example, but Kyoto has also hosted many other large-scale and notable
international meetings including the 2008 G8 Summit. Please check “Past Events” for details.

QWhat is the capacity of Kyoto meeting facilities?

Estimated capacity for theater and school seating of Kyoto meeting facilities is included in the “KYOTO MEETING PLANNING GUIDE.” For example, joint use of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd exhibition halls of Miyakomesse can accommodate 10,000 pax in theater style.

For questions not included in this FAQ, please contact us freely via the Inquiry Form.