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Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts starts an exciting new program for meetings and events!

freaikanThe “Fureaikan” Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts has just unveiled a new program bringing Kyoto’s traditional artisans into meetings and other *MICE events.  


Artisans will be brought on-site where they will give demonstrations of their art, showcasing their amazing skills.  This gives event participants the rare and exciting chance to see the skilled hands of a master craftsperson at work and to experience Japanese culture on an intimate level.

This program has been set up to help more meeting participants experience Kyoto culture and help promote and support our traditional local industries.

The museum’s new program not only helps arrange these visits and match an appropriate craftsperson to the event, but they also cover the costs!  (In certain cases the event may be asked to cover a portion of the costs.)

Must be a *MICE meeting or other event where a large number of tourists are expected to gather.

Typical craft demonstrations include: Bamboo craft, bronze mirror making, top making, kimono dying, metal inlay, doll making, and many more things.

For inquiries or more information on this new program, including details about eligibility and budget, please contact the “Fureaikan” Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts:




*(MICE is a term used in the meetings industry that stands for M – Corporate/Business Meetings, I – Incentives, C – Congress/Convention/Conference, E – Exhibition/Excursion)