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The World Parkinson Coalition Chooses Kyoto to Host its Congress in 2019

Kyoto, Japan to mark the first Asian home for the World Parkinson Congress

Parky JapanIn a unanimous decision, the World Parkinson Coalition® Board of Directors has chosen the City of Kyoto to host the 5th World Parkinson Congress (WPC 2019) in June of 2019. Competing cities included Taipei, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Throughout the bidding process, the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau (KCVB) and the Japan National Tourism Organization worked closely with the coalition to offer support.

Kyoto will be the first destination in Asia to host the congress which is expected to draw around 3,200 participants from 50 countries around the world. The WPC is held every three years and will be held this year in Portland, Oregon from September 20 – 23.

The congress is expected to have a strong positive impact on the local economy and community. Furthermore, the high level scientific congress reaches out to patients, families, and caregivers who are encouraged to actively participate, offer doctors and researchers feedback, and enjoy unique chances to learn how to live well and best manage the disease.

WPC Executive Director, Elizabeth “Eli” Pollard, commented that WPC’s motivation to contribute to public health in Japan and the bureau’s proactive involvement were among the factors that brought the meeting to Kyoto.

“We appreciate KCVB’s generous support and careful consideration of not only our Congress needs, but our desire to leave an impact on the Parkinson’s community in Kyoto and around Japan. With the aging community in Japan, and across the globe, there is a pressing need to raise awareness about Parkinson’s, not only for the people living with it, but to alert governments to looming health crisis and to encourage them to start thinking creatively about how they’ll assist people with Parkinson’s in the decades to come.”

The congress will be held in the International Conference Center Kyoto. Matthew Stevens, bureau coordinator remarks that KCVB, the venue and WPC will continue to work together to be ready in 2019.

“It became evident very quickly to us that WPC is a symbol of hope for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and it is already changing lives for the better. We are proud and grateful that Kyoto can set the stage of the next step in finding a cure and we look forward to assisting them achieve the special contribution that they have to offer to Kyoto and Japan.

“We want delegates to know that they can come to Kyoto with a peace of mind. We are one of the safest, most user-friendly destinations in the world. Now we will work together to make Kyoto even more Parkinson’s friendly.

“I hope all delegates can find a moment to experience Kyoto’s special culture, history, scenery and hospitality and especially that people who are dealing with Parkinson’s and their families can forget their troubles for a moment and make some happy memories while they are here.”

Photo: WPC’s mascot, Parky the Raccoon ( visits Kyoto the Japan booth at IMEX Frankfurt, 2016.


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Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau

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