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NEWSletter_Vol.1_Kawayuka – Kyoto’s Unique, Elegant, and Truly Refreshing Summer Dining Experience

ThKawayuka_on_Kamogawa_River01e hot Kyoto summers offer many special delights to visitors.

Kyoto is known for being blessed with plentiful, pure water that flows down from the surrounding mountains.  Since the Edo Period, restaurants have been building special temporary wooden platforms over the river called “Kawayuka”.  The river provides natural air conditioning and a refuge from the heat for customers who can relax and enjoy fine dining and the beautiful Kyoto scenery in an open-air setting.  Some Kawayuka, sometimes also called Kawayuka are built just centimeters about the water’s surface, allowing the visitors to feel an intimate, and truly refreshing connection with the environment.

There are a total of about 90 Kawayuka along the Kamo River in the downtown Kyoto area and even more nestled in the nearby mountains.  Kawayuka are known for serving beautiful Kyoto style “Washoku”, a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage, but a variety of options are available.

Generally open from about May until late September, these are wonderful options for summertime incentive groups or VIP dinners for meetings and incentives.

Also not to be missed are summer festivals in Kyoto including the Aoi Festival in spring, the Gion Festival in July, and Kyo no Tanabata (star festival) and Gozan no Okuribi (Mountain Bonfire) festivals in August.

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