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Kyoto Launches Rental Program to Provide Reusable Traditional Handicraft Goods to International Meetings

rentalKyoto has long offered ways for meetings and incentives to better engage with local culture, especially with Kyoto’s traditional industries. For example, Kyoto offers organizers the option to create special congress bags that are made in Kyoto using traditionally produced materials.


The popularity of these programs has now lead the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau to launch a new program and guide that allows meeting organizers to rent items like lanyards, badge holders, bags, and various decorations for their meetings. All these items are authentic traditionally made Kyoto products and have been carefully selected to be useful for meeting organizers.


This new program offers a way for meeting planners to raise the quality of the meeting and satisfaction of their participants. Furthermore, Kyoto aims to help promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by encouraging organizers to use these beautiful, reusable products and reduce waste. For example, beautiful handmade centerpieces can be displayed instead of flowers that will be just thrown out, and lanyards made out of exquisite cords can be used in place of disposable lanyards and recollected for future meetings.


Moving forward, Kyoto hopes to continue to develop new ways to support local culture and sustainability through the meetings industry.

The guide can be downloaded at the following link:

Kyoto Traditional Products for MICE Rental Guide


For more information, please contact the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau.