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Ferrari Chooses Kyoto to Hold its 2016 International Cavalcade

Kyoto Sees Success in Attracting Top-level Luxury Incentives


On November 11, 2016, more than 70 Ferraris and more than 150 of Ferrari’s top clients from all over the world gathered in Kyoto on the famous street in front of the Heian Jingu Shrine. Over the course of three days, the cavalcade drove around Kyoto and the surrounding areas in an exclusive incentive event put on by Ferrari S. p. A.


The Ferrari Cavalcade has been held in Italy since 2012. In 2015, Ferrari launched the international version of their cavalcade event in San Francisco. Kyoto is the second city to be chosen to host the International Cavalcade.


The 2016 Ferrari Cavalcade International was also one of the events held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan and the 150th anniversary of Japan and Italy’s trade relations.


The Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau (KCVB) was originally approached about the event while exhibiting at IBTM World in Barcelona in 2015. With cooperation of the City of Kyoto, KCVB worked with Ferrari and their event planners and provided consultation to ensure a successful and unforgettable event for the clients and securing Kyoto as the home for the event.


In December of that year, representatives from Ferrari came for their first site inspections. Over the coming months, KCVB worked with Ferrari to help find appropriate venues, provide ideas of ways for participants to experience local culture, arrange and accompany site visits, and to help coordinate with the various venues, local officials and entities involved.


On the day of the event, Ferrari owners from 19 different countries gathered at the Heian Jingu Shrine. Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa waved the starting flag and 71 Ferrari of 18 different models, including limited edition models, began on their journey. Over the next three days the Ferrari used Kyoto as their home base and explored Kyoto and the surrounding areas including Hyogo Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, and Nara Prefecture.


On the final day, Ferrari closed their event with a gala dinner held at Tofuku-ji Temple. Participants attended the dinner dressed in Kimono and enjoyed traditional Kyoto-style entertainment and hospitality.


The event ultimately attracted a large amount of local and international media attention and gave Ferrari’s top clients a chance to experience, first hand, Kyoto and Japan’s unique charm.


KCVB would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many local organizations and entities whose cooperation we received to make this event possible including the City of Kyoto, the Kyoto Prefecture Police Department, Heian Jingu Shrine, the Kyoto Heian Promotion Foundation, Kyoto International Exhibition Hall (Miyako Messe) and the ROHM Theatre Kyoto.


We expect that this event will further raise Kyoto’s brand image as a world class destination for luxury incentive tours and enhance our appeal as one of the world’s great cities of culture.


The Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau looks forward to offering our support to corporate events and meetings, incentive tours and other conventions and international meetings held here in Kyoto.

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©Ferrari S.p.A


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